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8 February 2019

We are pleased to announce that the task force has written a complete draft of our report on autism research ethics, which presents suggestions researchers can use to include people with autism ethically and meaningfully in research studies. You can view the report here. The full draft of the report is only available in English, but we have translated a summary of the suggestions in French which you can view here. We also have staff members available to communicate with you in French about the material if you would like to discuss via phone, email, or in person if you are in Montreal.

We welcome your reactions to any of the suggestions listed in this report, which are divided by guidepost in the table. We want to hear both good and bad reactions that you are willing to let us know about and perhaps use as examples in future version of the report or trainings for researchers.

Please post your reactions in the forum, or contact us by any other means (see our contact page.)


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